Founded in 2018, Loneliness in Europe is the central European platform for organizations which combat loneliness.

The number of people feeling lonely permanently is rising. Throughout Europe, there was a constant increase from 7% in 2012 to 15% in 2017. Loneliness and social isolation at older age is a particular problem. It is even more difficult to solve because the preconditions like loss of family and friends, changing world, absence of digital skills, health issues and loss of mental and physical capabilities aggravate the problem.

There is no central instance which unites all European organizations and individuals that combat or plan to combat loneliness and interested outside parties currently have no go-to point to inform themselves about the topic.

Therefore, a platform was needed which serves as a go-to point for interested outside parties to gain information on the organizations combating loneliness (current projects) and current developments in the field. It gives organizations, policy makers and government bodies an easily accessible way to exchange high quality information, best practices and coordinate on a network together with other organizations, policy makers and government bodies. Apart from that the platform supports volunteers and project initiatives.


The idea and initiative came from Judith Merkies, a former member of the EU-parliament. Until 2014, she was a representative of the commission for environmental issues and public health.